Washington, DC
Northern Virginia 
Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer

A former ballet dancer, Nathan started his GYROTONIC® training at New York City's oldest Gyrotonic studio, Studio Riverside. As part of a work-study program with Authorized Gyrotonic Master Trainer Leda Franklin, Nathan had the opportunity to study with top trainers from all over the U.S. and Europe. 

Nathan is a certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer. He has been certified on all Gyrotonic specialized equipment, therapeutic, and advanced courses.

Since 2006 Nathan has taught GYROTONIC® exercise in Washington, DC at Elements Fitness & Wellness Center and at Studio Infinity. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nathan was invited to help launch GYROTONIC CHINA® in Beijing where he taught at the first Gyrotonic studio in China. During his time there, he was featured in National Chinese magazine publications of Marie Claire, His Life, and iLook. Nathan has led teacher trainings both in the U.S. and in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Grandson of a Qi Gong Master and acupuncturist, Nathan grew up around his grandparent's Chinese medicine clinic in Hong Kong, exposing himself to alternative medicine and healing arts from a young age. His deep understanding of the body, combined with knowledge of alternative medicine and background in dance have enriched his teaching style and made him a versatile, sought-after trainer in both the U.S. and in Asia.

Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer

Yvonne Hamm has been a certified GYROTONIC® instructor since 2007 and is certified on the Jumping/Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit and GYROTONER®. She also has extensive experience and training in dance and creative movement.

Yvonne Hamm began at the Dance Teacher Training College in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating she got a degree and license in psychomotor training from the Motopaeden School in Dortmund, Germany. She made a leap of faith after that and decided to move to New York City to deepen her dance training. While there she studied Modern Dance at the Martha Graham School and Ballet at Peridance Center, where she also taught in the children’s dance division. Yvonne performed with Duden Dance Company in England and NYC.

Ms. Hamm received her Master of Arts in Dance from American University, Washington DC. She then founded and is the Director of Dance Discovery, a children’s dance school in Washington DC.

Yvonne was introduced to GYROTONIC® exercise through a dance friend, and it resonated with her. Shortly afterwards, she became certified and has constantly worked to develop her skills. Because of her dance background and extensive work with children, Yvonne can easily relate to clients of all ages, and is able to tailor training programs to individual needs and abilities. 

Her passion for GYROTONIC® exercise combines the love of dance and the energy that Gyrotonic creates. The ways it changes the body, the fluidity of the movements and the endless possibilities to use the machines make Gyrotonic continuously interesting for Yvonne to teach and for her clients to apply.

Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer

Julianna became a certified GYROTONIC® instructor in 2006. As a child and young adult she studied gymnastics and ballet intensively and performed in in various Boston Ballet productions, including Sleeping BeautyGiselleOneginSwan Lake, the Nutcracker, and in modern dance productions. While still a dancer, she began studying Gyrotonic exercise as cross-training and immediately noticed its positive effects on her dancing and physical wellbeing. Through her own personal practice over the years, she has found Gyrotonic exercise to be an incredible tool for building strength and flexibility, increasing efficiency of movement, and for preventing or rehabilitating injuries.

In addition to obtaining her Level 1 GYROTONIC® certification, she has completed additional training in the Gyrotonic certification Ladder and GYROTONER®, as well as the Level 2 pre-training and GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Course. She has also taken the Gyrotonic therapeutic applications workshop focused on injuries and disorders related to the pelvic girdle. 

Juliana is also a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and has studied extensively with one of Washington, DC’s top yoga instructors, Gopi Kinnicutt. She is also certified in Pilates Mat through Power Pilates. She also works in international development and holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

She is grateful to all her teachers who have passed down their knowledge and helped shape who she has become as a teacher, including: Kathy Van Patten, Juergen Bamberger, Sebastian Plettenberg, Justine Bernard, Gopi Kinnicutt, Tatiana Legat, Rebecca Rice, among others.

Certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer

Crista Villella directed ballets at the Miami City Ballet for seven years coaching professional dancers and rehearsing them for performances at major performing arts venues around the world including Paris’s Theatre du Chatelet and New York’s City Center. She has assisted some of the world’s top dance choreographers including Alexi Ratmanski and Twyla Tharp, and has staged ballets for Tharp both at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and for the Miami City Ballet. Crista comes from a family of highly trained athletes, her mother was an Olympic Figure Skater and her father was a famous Ballet Dancer, and became a professional ballet dancer herself at a very young age.

Fortunate to be trained early on the GYROTONIC® system by her ballet teacher Geta Constanstinescu, who defected from Romania with the inventor of the Gyrotonic system, Juliu Horvath, Crista has grown up with a passion for and intimate knowledge of the work. Geta eventually introduced Juliu Horvath, who further trained Crista, eventually certifying her in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise in 2005.  

Crista met Nathan Martin, CAPITAL GYROTONIC® owner, in 2004 when they participated in a GYROTONIC® work-study apprenticeship program at Studio Riverside in New York City under Master Trainer Leda Franklin. After completing the program Crista went on to train a vast clientele at New York City’s GYROTONIC MANHATTAN® under the direction of Master Trainer Sebastian Plettenberg. She was certified on The Jumping-Stretching Board while there in 2006. After moving to Miami, Crista continued GYROTONIC® exercise training injured dancers at the Miami City Ballet and a vast clientele at Fisher Island’s Spa Internazionale. She also arranged for Juliu Horvath to conduct some teacher trainings at the Miami City Ballet Studios.

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